“I was a Top Producer for a Nationally recognized real estate firm for 8 years. I found the ideas and marketing styles of that company to be old and outdated.  I realized that my clients worked with me because of me, not the company that I represented. I’ve been with Evergreen Realty & Associates for 7 months and find their ideas, training and marketing strategies to be fresh and innovative. I wish that I would have made the leap to Evergreen years ago.” -Davin Emmons

“The knowledge the managers have. I have never worked at an office where the managers are so knowledgeable!” – Helen Moreno

“The weekly trainings are very important to keep up with market trends. Also, the management’s availability and support is so comforting. I know I have a solid foundation, and strong backing when it comes to my real estate career. Thank you!” – Salwa Khalil Mishreki

“I’m asked to join other real estate companies on a regular basis; however, Evergreen Realty provides a unique atmosphere and brings together a talented group of people, while allowing my team the freedom and tools to grow, succeed, and support our clients’ needs, as a result, it’s never a consideration.” -Shevy Akason

“My manager, Terri Barrett is awesome and she is always there when we need her most!” – Elvia Albarran

“The office in Upland is very modern, spacious and is available from 6 am to 10 pm. Love it! I am so happy I came to Evergreen Realty. They are big on support for agents. Questions, doubts, feed back they are there for us allways. Thank You Evergreen!” – Victoria Valdez

“Making a close this week. It was easier this time with the help of my transaction coordinator, Jennifer Oliveros.” – Adrian Whittenburg

“Evergreen is by far the best broker in OC.  Not only because of their amazing compensation plan, but also because of the great support system that management provides.  We truly feel like we are a big family. ” -Sebastian Naum

“Joining this company has been one of best business decisions I ever made: #1  Carol Haacker as our Manager , #2  Tina & Randy Rector as owners, #3  the Staff and people who work here are not just mere co-workers but true friends that are developing into life long relationships.  Love the company, love the people!  You will never have any regrets joining this company!” -Barbara & Dean Holbein

“Evergreen is modeled with the agent in mind. Their systems, management and owners are top notch!” -Bill Lauer

“Since the day I joined Evergreen I have found that everyone is helpful, friendly and the company offers consent learning and training. I believe this company was built on trust &  integrity… I have found a home here at Evergreen.” -Roberta J Rocha-Ayala


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