The Results are in – Top Producers of November

Top Producers November

With less than a month left in 2015 we are entering the final leg of the race to be the years top producer (announced in mid January). With the race as tight as it is these last couple months could be make or break for some. So without further to do lets see who’s making the most of their final push.

Teagan Prukop
#1 Sales Units, #2 Sales Dollars

This is Teagans first time taking the top spot but certainly not her first big month. As one of the best young agents in Orange County, she brings a new age approach to selling and buying, while keeping those classic Realtor negotiating skills. She also prides herself as being not just an agent but also a friend to ALL her clients, making her one of the easiest agents to work with that you’ll ever find. Find out more about Teagan here

Shevy Akason
#1 Sales Dollars, #2 Sales Units

You know your dealing with a great agent when seeing them anywhere but the top spot is a surprise, and that’s exactly what you have in Shevy. As one of the top Agents in all of orange county, not just at Evergreen, Shevy is truly one of the best. We would challenge you to find a dissatisfied client of his but they just aren’t out there! Find out more about Shevy here

Marie Miller
#3 Sales Units

Marie, again, is no newcomer to being a top producer. As a staging specialist, and 55+ community wiz, its no surprise that she averages close to 2 home sales a month. That doesn’t include all the dream homes that she has helped her clients find either. Marie is a top producer through and through and it shows when working with her. Find out more about Marie here

Tim Wolter
#3 Sales Dollars

Last but certainly not least we have Tim. Another constant it seems on these lists, Tim puts in the time and effort to sell homes fast and for top dollar. Whether making listing videos, hiring a professional photographer, or or hosting open houses all weekend Tim will work his butt off to make sure his clients are happy. Find out more about Tim here

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Thanksgiving Events in Orange County

For most Thanksgiving is a day to relax at home with family and friends, eating, and watching TV. However if your looking to get out of the house and maybe do something a bit out of the ordinary we have some suggestions of things to do right here in the OC.


Dana Point Turkey Trot
Golden Lantern & Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point
Thanksgiving Day 7am

This year will the the 38th annual “Turkey Trot”, open to both experienced and novice runners. The run is along the beautiful Dana Point harbor and Doheny State beach. For those of you not interested in running there is also a 2 day health & wellness expo taking place the 25th and 26th on location, with loads of booths, displays, and activities. For more information or to sign up visit

112212_traditional_Thanksgiving_meal (14 of 14)_display

We Give Thanks Dinner
Honda Center, Anaheim
Thanksgiving Day 11am- 3pm

For those of you looking to give back a little or just looking for a place to get a great Thanksgiving dinner look no further. “We Give Thanks” is a non-profit organization that has been providing Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate for close to 30 years. They will be serving dinner, as well as providing entertainment to those in attendance. If you would like to help out or just get more information visit


Plymouth Rock ‘N’ Run
Yorba Reagonal Park, Anaheim
Thanksgiving Day 7am

More activities for all you runners out there. This 10k raises funds for the Reeve-Irvine Research Center at UCI. The main race starts at 7am with timed and untimed 5k runs following at 8am. For more information and to sign up go to


Black Friday at Irvine Spectrum
The Irvine Spectrum Center, Irvine
Midnight on Thanksgiving

Seemingly a holiday in itself, Black Friday gets a head start at the Irvine spectrum with numerous stores opening as early as midnight on Thursday. With killer deals on just about everything you can imagine this is a cant miss even for all the shopaholics out there. For a list of stores and exact opening times visit

The Results Are In – Top Producers of October

Top Producers October

With Octobers sales officially in the books its time to tally the homes, and count up the commissions to determine who came out on top. This month we find a familiar name atop the list, along with a few newcomers following. So without further ado here are your top Evergreen Realty producers from October.

Shevy Akason
#1 Sales Dollars, #1 Sales Units

After a few weeks hiatus Shevy is back to reclaim the top spot in a major way coming in first in BOTH sales categories. Shevy has possibly the best trait a top producer can have in consistency. Month after month, with buyers, and sellers, he continues to get the job done with the utmost quality. Learn more about Shevy here.

Kristyn Tupper
#2 Sales Dollars

Kristyn is the queen of the coast, specializing in coastal real estate, she has had measurable success both selling and leasing residential properties all along the OCs beaches. What really sets her apart however are her expert negotiating skills that allow her to get top dollar for her sellers, and amazing prices for her buyers. Learn more about Kristyn here.

Davin Emmons
#2 Sales Units

Davin has been hovering around the top 5 for weeks now and finally cracked the top 3 in unit sales. Davin is as hard working as it gets, able to juggle multiple clients at a time, and still show each one all the attention they could ask for. His unrelenting effort and drive to keep his clients happy, has led him to be one of Evergreens best. Learn more about Davin here.

Britt Cottrill
#3 Sales Dollars

Britt just celebrated her 10th year selling homes, so being atop this months sales list seems fitting. Britt is a marketing wiz and can get a home sold  as fast as anyone, however she understands that its not always about speed. This combination of traits allows her to get top dollar for anyone who chooses to sell with her. Learn more about Britt here.

Dana McCausland
#3 Sales Units

Rounding out this months top producers is Dana McCausland, who is becoming a more regular name on our top producers list. Dana has been in real estate for over 20 years and through her experience knows all the ins and outs of buying and selling. There’s nothing she hasn’t seen leaving many of her clients in awe of how stress free she makes the buying and selling process. Learn more about Dana here.

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Understanding the Residential Appraisal Process

The appraisal process is an important, and sometimes unclear time in a homes sale. Understanding what you as an Agent can/have to do during the appraisal process is key to getting an accurate valuation and keeping your clients happy! So here are a few of the most commonly asked questions answered.

Who decides on the appraiser?

The appraiser is selected by the mortgage lender. In some instances a lender will use an appraisal management company (AMC) to manage the process in which case the AMC will order an appraisal on behalf of the lender. Unfortunately neither you, nor your client, will have any say in this. Also while the lender selects and orders the appraiser, you as the agent, will still have to pay for the process which will usually run you $400-$600.

What information should I provide to the appraiser?

In order to make sure that the appraiser is working with the best/most accurate information it is good to provide the information needed by him yourself. This includes  deeds, covenants, HOA documents, floor plans, inspection reports, neighborhood details, comparable homes, detailed list and dates of upgrades, remodels and costs, and other special features of the home.

Is the process impacted by the type of financing?

The short answer yes. The long answer is that there are two sets of regulations in any appraisal process one from the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and the other from the lender themselves. So different lenders/loans may require the property to meet certain criteria that other don’t.

Will the buyer see the appraisal?

They will. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) enacted back in the 70’s stipulates that creditors must send a copy of home appraisal and all other written valuations on the property to the buyer, regardless of whether credit is granted or denied.

What do I do if the appraisal is inaccurate?

Once the appraisal is finished a sent in to the lender, legally the appraiser can not speak about the appraisal with anyone other than the client (Lender). So in order to request a correction of any errors you must contact the lender in writing, then if they find the grounds of the request reasonable, they will contact the appraiser and request and review.

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Evergreens Top Producers of September

Top Producers September

Its that time of the month, all the deals are done, and all the Escrows are closed! After 30 days of open houses, and countless late nights searching the MLS we now have our Top producers and they are as follows:

Patrick McNamee
#1 Sales Units

Patrick has been a top producer since joining Evergreen over 6 years ago. In fact in 2014 he was a recipient of the “Evergreen Realty President’s Circle Award” for top home sales. This meaning that he was within the top 1% in sales for our office, and with over 160 homes sold in Laguna Woods alone within the last 6 years it’s no wonder! Find out more about Patrick Here

Tim Wolter
#1 Sales Dollars

If you’ve been keeping up with our Top producers list then you shouldn’t be too surprised to see Tim’s name on here. If your buying or selling a home in Ladera Ranch he’s the man to see, not only is he a top producer here at Evergreen, but he’s also been ranked in the top 1% in all of Orange County! Find out more about Tim Here

Sean Brunske
#2 Sales Units, #4 Sales Dollars

If you want to know what kind of realtor Sean is all you have to do is talk to one of his hundreds of satisfied clients. Sean works with both buyers and sellers and excels in every aspect of real estate. To find out more about Sean and check out some of his other accolades click Here

Julia Samoylovich
#2 Sales Dollars

Julia has been working in real estate for over 10 years and is not only an agent but a broker associate and as so, has a wide array of real estate skills you wont find with your everyday agent. Julia is truly one of the best and you’d be hard pressed to find a client of hers who doesn’t agree. Find out more about Julia Here

Terri Barrett
#3 Sales Units

Terri is someone that many of you may recognize and that’s because it is not her first time making the top producer list. Terri is one of the nicest people in real estate, combine that with her tenacious negotiating skills, and expert knowledge and you have one heck of an agent! Find out more about Terri Here

Christopher Lardie
#3 Sales Dollars, #4 Sales Units

Last but certainly not least on this months top producers list is Christopher Lardie. Christopher works with buyers and sellers all over Orange county but focuses mainly on the Ladera ranch area. With over 25 sales in the last years and close to 40 perfect reviews on Zillow its no wonder he’s a top producer! Find out more about Christopher Here

As we saw with all the first time appearances this month, anyone can be a top producer, so keep up the hard work any maybe next month you’ll be on top!

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How To: The Perfect Agent Facebook

As a real estate agent it is fundamental that you have a Facebook page dedicated to your business. With over 90% of all home searches starting online it’s no surprise that 60% of buyers Google their future agent before hiring them. So ask yourself this, if a possible client Googled you, what would pop up? An outdated Zillow Profile? Some random person with the same name as you? chances are its nothing that you feel particularly proud about. This is why creating a business page for yourself on Facebook is SO important. It allows you to completely control what possible clients see, and if you do it right, it can generate massive amounts of business.

So for the sake of time and ease of reading (Since we all know Realtors don’t exactly have the free time to read a 12 page article) We’ve come up with a simple list of 4 steps to take, and things to do, to create the perfect agent Facebook.


When a Facebook page pops up whats the first thing you look at? The profile picture and the “cover photo”, and as we all know first impressions are crucial. So here’s a few Do’s and Dont’s for your pictures:


  • Keep your pictures bright, and lively, make sure the picture looks positive and happy (Maybe try a white background for your head-shot, instead of black or grey)
  • Make sure you profile picture is professional (no flip-phone pictures from you vacation to Miami)
  • Make sure your “cover photo” is real estate related, ex. a property of yours, or a marketing banner of yours.
  • Have high-quality photos! Having a pixilated picture, no matter how great of a picture you think it is, will give off an unprofessional vibe.


  • Have others in your pictures, unless they are in your real estate team. If you have 5 people in each picture how will anyone know which one YOU are?
  • Over edit your pictures. We aren’t saying don’t edit your pictures at all just within moderation, nobody wants to hire someone who’s head-shot looks like an airbrushed barbie doll.
  • Only have 2 pictures on there. If you go to an open house, take pictures. If you attend a networking event, take pictures. If you go to an office event, take pictures! Let your potential clients know that your out and about, working hard not just sitting behind a desk all day.


There’s a lot more to a Realtors business profile than just posting pictures of your listings, and setting up Ad campaigns for yourself. The best way to connect with potential clients is to post content relevant to them, so try at least once a week to post and article about the buying or selling process. It can be anything from what kind of mortgage to get, to staging tips for a quick sell. Not only will clients find these helpful, but you will seem more trustworthy and knowledgeable about real estate as a whole, just for sharing the information.

Ad camp

Now even though you don’t want to JUST run ad campaigns doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t run them at all. In fact Ad’s can be one of the best ways to draw people to your page, and get that initial interaction. The two most important Ad campaigns that you can run are:

  • Run a specifically targeted Ad focused on “Page Likes”. Getting page likes from people outside of your social circle, as you know, is very important. You could be getting 20 interactions per post and 5 new likes a week but if they’re all people you already know it’s not really helping you is it.
  • Run a specifically targeted Ad that focuses on website conversions, or click through to your personal site. By doing so your able to get twice as much information out, and you are able to drop leads off right at a sign-up form on your site.


As a real estate agent selling yourself is nothing new, however selling yourself online, where there are thousands of other agents, all saying the same things you are is very difficult. So how do you do it? Simple, don’t say the same things as everyone else! Every agent Facebook is going to say “I work hard for my clients” and “I have years of experience in real estate”. While these are important traits, many clients become numb to hearing the same thing over and over, so by differentiating yourself you will stick out and be remembered! Instead of going with the generic descriptions try listing your accolades in Real Estate (People online love lists) Talk about any classes or seminars you’ve been too, post testimonials, or even tell your own stories about your experiences in Real Estate.

Above all else remember, as a Realtor your business page is your resume. So make sure it rocks!

Are you “TRID” ready?

By now you’ve probably heard that there are some big changes coming to real estate that will be affecting your closings

Check this video out for a detailed description of what exactly is going to be happening, as well as what you can do to avoid fines, and keep your closings short!

For more information on these changes, and copies of the new loan disclosure and good faith estimate, as well as a copy of the “Realtor Check List” from the video, click HERE

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Top Producers August

It’s that time of the month again, the time when bragging rights are made, when we separate the best from the rest! OK, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but we do want to congratulate everyone who made the “Top Producers” list this month on all the great work they’ve been doing, and say to everyone else who missed the cut, keep working hard and next month it could be YOUR picture above.

So without further to do lets see who made the list!

Shevey Akason
#1 Sales Units, #3 Sales Dollars

Shevy has become a regular on our “Top Producers” list, making the cut for the 4th month in a row! Anyone who’s worked with Shevy surely knows why, as one of the most down to earth guys in the business he’s a joy to do business with. When you couple that with his knowledge, experience, and dedication you have the perfect mix to be a top realtor. Find out more about Shevy here.

Tim Wolter
#1 Sales Dollars

Another regular on the “Top Producers” list, Tim is as good as it gets when it comes to selling homes. He’s become the Go-To guy for luxury homes in the Orange County area. Tim’s work ethic and willingness to invest time, and money into his selling efforts leave no doubt in his customers mind that they made the right choice in hiring him. Find out more about Tim here.

Dana McCausland
#2 Sales Units

If you want to know why Dana made the list all you have to do is talk to her clients. Dana is a machine when it comes to real estate leaving nothing in her wake but sold homes, and happy homeowners. Shes being selling homes in the area for 21+ years and lives by the motto, if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life! Find out more about Dana here.

Sherry Sims
#2 Sales Dollars

If you selling or buying a home and want an experienced professional who knows what they’re doing look no further. Sherry has an unparalleled 40+ years on experience in real estate, and still approaches each deal with the same excitement and passion as the first. Find our more about Sherry here.

Patrick McNamee
#3 Sales Units

Rounding out the top 3 in unit sales for this month we have Patrick McNamee. Anyone who knows, or has worked with Patrick won’t be surprised at all to see him on here. Patrick has been dominating the Laguna Woods market for years, and knows more about the area, and its homes that anyone! Find out more about Patrick here.

We would also like to give an honorable mention to Staci Cummings who JUST missed out on the top 3 and ended up fourth in both categories. Great job Staci!

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The Results are In – Top Producers of July

Top Producers July

Last month was the first time in a long time that one person (Shevy Akason) came out on top of the monthly dollar, and unit sales. Now, low and behold, we have another “Double-Crown” winner. This months all around top producer was non other than *Drum-roll* Shari Moretti!

Shari Moretti  
#1 Dollar Sales, #1 Unit Sales

What is there to say about Shari other than that shes a real estate rock star! With a background in investing, and a client-centric approach, Shari is everything a top producer should be. With loads of experience in both Buying and Selling she can help ANY client with ANY requests. Find out more about Shari here

Michael Miller 
#2 Unit Sales

Michael has been on a crazy tear as of late, closing an average of almost 10 escrows a month this year! His clients praise him for his positive attitude, high energy, kindness, and integrity. On top of all this Michael’s expert marketing skills all but guaranty a speedy home selling process. Find out more about Michael here

Tim Wolter 
#2 Sales Dollars

After Missing the list last month Tim’s right back at it selling homes like only he can. Born and raised in Laguna Niguel, Tim has a strong local network and a great knowledge of the area. Tim’s tenacity and commitment to his clients also landed him in the Top 100 Orange County Realtors last year. Find out more about Tim here

Shevy Akason
#3 Dollar Sales, #3 Unit Sales

After topping both our lists last month Shevy kept going strong and ended up with the 3rd highest dollar and unit sales this month. With the real estate skills, and knowledge that he has however its no surprise. Shevy is known for the ease and simplicity he bring to his clients selling/buying process. Find out more about Shevy here

Make sure to congratulate all these great REALTORS if you see them around, and remember its a new month so keep up the good work, and next month the top producer could be YOU!

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Avoid Fines & Keep your MLS listing Up-to-date


Did you know that when your listing has an accepted offer you must, within 2 business days, change the STATUS in the MLS to BACKUP or PENDING and enter the anticipated close of escrow date?

The anticipated close date is used to send you a “COURTESY NOTICE” 14 days, 7 days, 1 day and the final day prior to then anticipated close of escrow date. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION by doing one of the following:

  1. Provide a new ECOE and update the listing status as appropriate;
  2. Update your listing status to Sold within 2 business days after the Estimated Close Of Escrow;
  3. If no longer in an off-market status (i.e. Pending, Backup), remove the ECOE and update the listing status as appropriate.

If the appropriate changes are not made to your listing, a violation notice will be issued two business days after your ECOE. Note that this violation may carry a fine of up to $300.

Making the appropriate changes to the MLS is your responsibility and by not keeping information entered in the MLS up-to-date is a violation of MLS Rules and Regulations. For more information on the MLS Rules and Regulations log into the MLS and click on Links.

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