#1 – Late Entry of your Listing

This happens when your listing is not entered in the MLS in a timely manner and the listing broker didn’t previously file an MLS Exclusion Form with the MLS Association.

You can avoid this by entering your listing into the MLS within 2 business days of the:

  • Date of the listing contract

  • Date the seller’s signature was collected on the listing agreement

FINE: Violation warning, $250, or $500 per offense.

#2 – Auto Sold…in other words, INACCURATE INFORMATION!

The term “auto sold” occurs when a listing is changed to the Sold status automatically by the MLS system. It appears as “S*” or “Closed Sale*”. This is a result of not manually updating your listing in the Pending/Backup status. It’s considered an Inaccurate Information violation because the listing is closed and shows sales information that is estimated or not confirmed.

Avoid this violation by properly managing your listings in the Pending/Backup status. Within 2 business days of your estimated close of escrow date, you must:

  • Extend your estimate close of escrow date if escrow is delayed

  • Update your listing to the correct status if a status change has occurs

  • Confirm the sale info and manually update your listing to sold

FINE: Violation warning, $100, or $300 per offense.

#3 – No Photo in your Listing

This occurs when your listing has been on the MLS for over 5 calendar days and at least one exterior structural photo of the property hasn’t been added. This violation also includes photos of animals, people, a company sign, and contact info.

You can avoid this by adding an exterior photo of the listed property within 5 calendar days of the MLS listing entry, regardless of the status. This requirement doesn’t apply to land/lot listings or canceled listings within 5 calendar days of entry.

FINE: Violation warning, $100, or $300 per offense.

#4 – Misusing Public Remarks

Public Remarks Field includes:  the property description, list price includes, list price excludes, and driving directions. This violation happens when prohibited info is placed in any public remarks field because it puts homeowners at risk.

To avoid this violation, you should know that the remarks field is limited to the property’s aesthetic and physical characteristics. The following is prohibited:

  • Agent/brokerage contact info

  • Open house info

  • Showing instructions

  • Info about the occupancy of the property

FINE: Violation warning, $100, or $300 per offense.

#5 – Inaccurate Status Violation

This occurs when:

  • A listing change isn’t made in a timely manner

  • A listing isn’t listed in the correct listing status

You can help avoid this violation by reflecting the appropriate listing status. All status changes need to be made within 2 business days of the date that the change in status has occurred.

FINE: Violation warning, $100, or $300 per offense.



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