The Results are In – Top Producer of December

December can be one of the toughest, and most unpredictable months in real estate. With the weather, holidays, and travel it can be near impossible to close any deals. Don’t tell that to any of these agents however. These 4 assisted in over 20 transactions during that 31 day span alone! Who are these 4 amazing Realtors? Well, lets take a look:

Shevy Akason
#1 Sales Units, #1 Sales Dollars

It sounds cliche but we are honestly running out of things to say about Shevy. In 2015 he has claimed one of, if not both, of the top spots on our list in over half of the 12 months. Needless to say Shevy and his team know what they are doing when it comes to selling and buying homes, and they do it better than anyone in the area. Find out more about Shevy and all he does on his website here

Teagan Prukop
#2 Sales Units, #3 Sales Dollars

Talk about finishing the year strong! This is the second straight month Teagan has been at the top of BOTH unit and dollar sales. She’s one of the most dedicated Realtors out there, always on the move meeting with clients, hosting open houses, showing homes, and everything in between. She is really making a name for herself and you can expect to see a lot more of her, here on our top producer posts. To learn more about, and get in touch with Teagan check out her Yelp page here

CaLee McManus
#2 Sales Dollars

CaLee is a model of consistency here at Evergreen. She often finds herself in the mix of top producers, and in the months she doesn’t shes usually right outside the top three. Regardless of the market, season, or home, she seems to always be able to find a way to sell for top dollar. To work with, or read up a bit more on CaLee check out her website here

Marie Miller
#3 Sales Units

Marie and her partner Vera make up one of the best real estate duos in the county. Together they have over 25 years of experience, so needless to say, they have seen it all and know how to handle anything a transaction might throw at you. To find out more about Marie check out her Zillow profile here.

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