How To: The Perfect Agent Facebook

As a real estate agent it is fundamental that you have a Facebook page dedicated to your business. With over 90% of all home searches starting online it’s no surprise that 60% of buyers Google their future agent before hiring them. So ask yourself this, if a possible client Googled you, what would pop up? An outdated Zillow Profile? Some random person with the same name as you? chances are its nothing that you feel particularly proud about. This is why creating a business page for yourself on Facebook is SO important. It allows you to completely control what possible clients see, and if you do it right, it can generate massive amounts of business.

So for the sake of time and ease of reading (Since we all know Realtors don’t exactly have the free time to read a 12 page article) We’ve come up with a simple list of 4 steps to take, and things to do, to create the perfect agent Facebook.


When a Facebook page pops up whats the first thing you look at? The profile picture and the “cover photo”, and as we all know first impressions are crucial. So here’s a few Do’s and Dont’s for your pictures:


  • Keep your pictures bright, and lively, make sure the picture looks positive and happy (Maybe try a white background for your head-shot, instead of black or grey)
  • Make sure you profile picture is professional (no flip-phone pictures from you vacation to Miami)
  • Make sure your “cover photo” is real estate related, ex. a property of yours, or a marketing banner of yours.
  • Have high-quality photos! Having a pixilated picture, no matter how great of a picture you think it is, will give off an unprofessional vibe.


  • Have others in your pictures, unless they are in your real estate team. If you have 5 people in each picture how will anyone know which one YOU are?
  • Over edit your pictures. We aren’t saying don’t edit your pictures at all just within moderation, nobody wants to hire someone who’s head-shot looks like an airbrushed barbie doll.
  • Only have 2 pictures on there. If you go to an open house, take pictures. If you attend a networking event, take pictures. If you go to an office event, take pictures! Let your potential clients know that your out and about, working hard not just sitting behind a desk all day.


There’s a lot more to a Realtors business profile than just posting pictures of your listings, and setting up Ad campaigns for yourself. The best way to connect with potential clients is to post content relevant to them, so try at least once a week to post and article about the buying or selling process. It can be anything from what kind of mortgage to get, to staging tips for a quick sell. Not only will clients find these helpful, but you will seem more trustworthy and knowledgeable about real estate as a whole, just for sharing the information.

Ad camp

Now even though you don’t want to JUST run ad campaigns doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t run them at all. In fact Ad’s can be one of the best ways to draw people to your page, and get that initial interaction. The two most important Ad campaigns that you can run are:

  • Run a specifically targeted Ad focused on “Page Likes”. Getting page likes from people outside of your social circle, as you know, is very important. You could be getting 20 interactions per post and 5 new likes a week but if they’re all people you already know it’s not really helping you is it.
  • Run a specifically targeted Ad that focuses on website conversions, or click through to your personal site. By doing so your able to get twice as much information out, and you are able to drop leads off right at a sign-up form on your site.


As a real estate agent selling yourself is nothing new, however selling yourself online, where there are thousands of other agents, all saying the same things you are is very difficult. So how do you do it? Simple, don’t say the same things as everyone else! Every agent Facebook is going to say “I work hard for my clients” and “I have years of experience in real estate”. While these are important traits, many clients become numb to hearing the same thing over and over, so by differentiating yourself you will stick out and be remembered! Instead of going with the generic descriptions try listing your accolades in Real Estate (People online love lists) Talk about any classes or seminars you’ve been too, post testimonials, or even tell your own stories about your experiences in Real Estate.

Above all else remember, as a Realtor your business page is your resume. So make sure it rocks!


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