The Results are In – Top Producers of July

Top Producers July

Last month was the first time in a long time that one person (Shevy Akason) came out on top of the monthly dollar, and unit sales. Now, low and behold, we have another “Double-Crown” winner. This months all around top producer was non other than *Drum-roll* Shari Moretti!

Shari Moretti  
#1 Dollar Sales, #1 Unit Sales

What is there to say about Shari other than that shes a real estate rock star! With a background in investing, and a client-centric approach, Shari is everything a top producer should be. With loads of experience in both Buying and Selling she can help ANY client with ANY requests. Find out more about Shari here

Michael Miller 
#2 Unit Sales

Michael has been on a crazy tear as of late, closing an average of almost 10 escrows a month this year! His clients praise him for his positive attitude, high energy, kindness, and integrity. On top of all this Michael’s expert marketing skills all but guaranty a speedy home selling process. Find out more about Michael here

Tim Wolter 
#2 Sales Dollars

After Missing the list last month Tim’s right back at it selling homes like only he can. Born and raised in Laguna Niguel, Tim has a strong local network and a great knowledge of the area. Tim’s tenacity and commitment to his clients also landed him in the Top 100 Orange County Realtors last year. Find out more about Tim here

Shevy Akason
#3 Dollar Sales, #3 Unit Sales

After topping both our lists last month Shevy kept going strong and ended up with the 3rd highest dollar and unit sales this month. With the real estate skills, and knowledge that he has however its no surprise. Shevy is known for the ease and simplicity he bring to his clients selling/buying process. Find out more about Shevy here

Make sure to congratulate all these great REALTORS if you see them around, and remember its a new month so keep up the good work, and next month the top producer could be YOU!

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Avoid Fines & Keep your MLS listing Up-to-date


Did you know that when your listing has an accepted offer you must, within 2 business days, change the STATUS in the MLS to BACKUP or PENDING and enter the anticipated close of escrow date?

The anticipated close date is used to send you a “COURTESY NOTICE” 14 days, 7 days, 1 day and the final day prior to then anticipated close of escrow date. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION by doing one of the following:

  1. Provide a new ECOE and update the listing status as appropriate;
  2. Update your listing status to Sold within 2 business days after the Estimated Close Of Escrow;
  3. If no longer in an off-market status (i.e. Pending, Backup), remove the ECOE and update the listing status as appropriate.

If the appropriate changes are not made to your listing, a violation notice will be issued two business days after your ECOE. Note that this violation may carry a fine of up to $300.

Making the appropriate changes to the MLS is your responsibility and by not keeping information entered in the MLS up-to-date is a violation of MLS Rules and Regulations. For more information on the MLS Rules and Regulations log into the MLS and click on Links.

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