Protect your Listing from Online Scammers


We have all heard the stories of scammers “scrapping” listings, posting them on Craigslist, and offering them for rent. Then, without the knowledge of the agent, or that of the property owner, they lease the property and pocket the money. Both the owner and tenant have been scammed, but it is the owner that has to spend money to evict the tenant.

So how does one avoid a similar fate? Well there’s 3 quick and easy online tools that can be used to combat these scammers.

  1. Google Alert – This is great service Google provides that allows you to look for key words or phrases and see where they show up online. So by simply typing in the address of your property you will be able to see everywhere online where that address shows up. This should allow you to quickly spot red flag listings on sites such as Craigslist. You will also have the option to enter your email address and receive a notification when the address shows up anywhere new.
  2. If This, Then That – This is a really cool site, that will let you target specific sites, to see if your key words (Address) shows up on the internet. This is good if you post on lots of sites and don’t want to dig through them all looking for fakes. This site is the preference for many when looking for fake posting on Craigslist as they don’t always show up on Google Alert.
  3. Google images – Now you may be thinking how the heck can I use google images to find scam postings of my property? Well Google Images has a little know feature that lets you search the internet for a specific image much like you would anything else. So to find fake postings of your property just pull up a picture of it somewhere online (MLS, Zillow, Exc.) then drag and drop it into the Google images search bar and your search will begin!

While these 3 sites can be a great help to stopping fraud. It is also important to go over how these scams work in your listing presentation.

For a more in depth look/ step by step instructions on how to use these sites check out this Video made by the N.A.R.

Source: National Association of Realtors (


Counting Days in a Purchase Contract


Here’s the scenario:

Your the Buyer’s agent, and you just received a NOTICE TO BUYER TO PERFORM to remove all contingencies (No changes were made to the NBP). The Notice was received on Thursday, so when must your client remove contingencies?

A) Friday
B) Saturday
C) Monday
D) Tuesday

The Correct answer is “C” Monday. This is of course unless Monday is a holiday, in which case the contingencies do not have to removed until Tuesday.

PRA-CA – Page 6, Section 22, E – “Days” means calendar days. However, After Acceptance, the last day for performance of any act required by this Agreement (including Close of Escrow) shall not include any Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday and shall instead be the next Day.

This rule is used for any notice received After Acceptance.

So lets look at another scenario, this time the Purchase Agreement was signed by the buyer on Monday, May 18th, delivered and signed by the Seller on Tuesday, May 19th, and delivered back to the buyer on Wednesday, May 20th. So assuming not legal holidays are happening in the next few days, what day is day one of the agreement?

“A binding Agreement is created when a copy of Signed Acceptance is personally received by Buyer or Buyer’s authorized agent whether or not confirmed in this document. (See RPA-CA – Page 10, Confirmation of Acceptance.”

So day one in the example above would be Thursday, May 21st

Hopefully this was able to answer any and all questions you might have had about time requirements in purchase contracts if not please comment below with any further questions

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The Results are in – Top Producers of June 2015

Top Producers June

We have a rare occurrence this month as we have a “Double Crown” winner. Shevy Akason was not only the top producer in terms of units sold, but also the top producer in terms of dollar sales!

Shevy Akason

#1 Sales Dollars, #1 Sales Units

With tons of satisfied clients all over Orange County it’s no wonder Shevy is this month’s top all around producer. Whether it’s finding a home, negotiating the best loan, or helping clients get the most out of their current property Shevy can find the best possible solution. As he always says “Satisfied clients are the key to success”. To learn more about Shevy check him out here

Kathleen Monroe

#2 Sales Units, #3 Sales Dollars

Kathleens focus on client satisfaction is second to none. Her years in the business have provided her with the experience to assist with nearly every real estate need. She always takes the time to listen to every client in order to get them exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. Learn more about Kathleen at her website here

Ernest Carter

#2 Sales Dollars

With as many years of experience as Ernest has you’d expect nothing less than for him to be a top producer. Ernest is the ideal real estate professional with a wide array of skills, knowledge, and a personalty you cant beat. He makes selling or buying a home a breeze. To learn more about Ernest check him out online here

Dana McCausland

#3 Sales Units

Dana has over 20 years of experience selling homes everywhere from Orange County out to the Inland Empire. She loves what she does and it shows in her work, and her constant stream of satisfied clients. To learn more about Dana and what makes her such a great agent check her out here

Congratulations to all our agents with transactions in June! If you’d like to become a part of The Top Workplace in Orange county, Join our team here!

19 Ways to Stay Safe as a REALTOR®

Safety First

Being a Realtor® means going to unfamiliar places, and into unfamiliar properties on a weekly, maybe even daily basis. This opens you up to being a target for all sorts of crime. So how does one stay safe without having to compromise their work life? Its not as hard as you might think.

Below are 19 of our best, tried and true, ways to stay safe whether your in the office, or out at a showing.

Can you hear me now?

When showing a new property, make sure you know if there are any areas of the home where you don’t get reception. In case of emergency you don’t want to be stranded unable to make a phone call.

Hint: Watch out for hills, thick walls, large buildings, and other obstructions to your signal.

Lights out

Always remember when showing a property that has been vacant for a while that the electricity may have been turned off, so make sure you’re going to have working lights before showing a property like this, especially later in the day.


They took what?!

It’s a no brainer to have your clients take, or hide valuables such a jewelry and important documents. That’s not all burglars are after however. Also warn them to hide any prescription drugs, spare keys, and anything detailing plans of being out of the house for long periods of time.

Howdy Neighbor

Whenever you’re listing a new property, take time to introduce yourself to the neighbors. They’ll be more apt to trust you, and look out for you and your property if they know you.


Never publicize that a property is “vacant”. This is an invitation for burglars and criminal to enter the home knowing they won’t face any resistance from residence.

Don’t be a ghost

Never go anywhere without letting someone know where you will be, and who you will be with. If you can, leave information about the people your meeting with just in case.

Hide and seek

Even if your open house looks empty, double check. Go back through all the rooms and the outdoor areas. Someone could have easily slipped past you and hidden out while you were showing the home.

Pulling up the rear

When giving a tour of a home let the prospective buyers take the lead. Guide them through with gestures and directions while saying behind them, giving you a clear path to the exit at all times.



Wherever you go, always park on the street and not the driveway! By doing so you can make sure that you won’t be trapped in by others cars, making any possible “get-away’ situation much easier.

Where am I?

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to run or drive to get away, you don’t want to drive into a dead end or get lost. Make note of how you’re getting somewhere, and how to get out, by memorizing landmarks, or interesting street names.

Don’t rob my property

Just had a home staged? To clients you’re just making the place look better. To burglars you’re stuffing a home full of expensive things. Be on the lookout when moving expensive items into a home for suspicious onlookers.

Sorry I have somewhere to be

Prepare a go-to excuse to get out of a possible unsafe situation. Say you have meal plans with a client, or have meeting to get to. Preferably something where people will notice if your missing, to deter possible assailants.

Look both ways

When you arrive to a property take a second to assess your surroundings.  Are you parked in a close by, well lit area? Do you see any questionable activates happening around you? Are there people around that could see/ hear you if you called for help? If not find somewhere else to park.

Don’t be a loner

If you ever find yourself in a situation that you can’t get out of, say something that indicates that others are around. Regardless of if there are or aren’t, you never want strangers to think you’re alone.


I’d like to phone a friend

So your walking to your car in a less than safe area, how do you keep from being targeted? Easy! Make, or pretend to make, a phone call. Studies have shown people on the phone are less likely to be attacked or robbed.

Which one of these is not like the others?

Take a moment when you walk into an open house or property to check your surroundings. Ask yourself, does anything look out of place? Is anything missing? Are all the people there, people you expected or know?

Dead end

When walking through a home for the first time take special note of any, and all, escape routes. Then when showing a home unlock all the doors so if you have to get out in a hurry you won’t be stuck fumbling with locks.

Be my eyes and ears

Let a neighbor know when you’re having an open house and ask if they can keep an eye out for anything suspicious. While your inside showing the home, they can observe what’s going on outside the home.

We all make mistakes

You’ve locked all the doors and windows, all valuables are accounted for, time to head out. However just because you’ve gone over everything doesn’t mean that the homeowners shouldn’t. Encourage them to double-check everything in case you missed something.

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