8 Affordable Ways to Increase Your Home’s Selling Price

Increasing the value of your home is easier and less expensive than you think. If you’re looking to sell, follow these 8 easy steps and see a BIG return on your home’s sale price.

1) Make a big first impression with landscaping.

Curb appeal sets the tone of a buyer’s whole experience at your home. An unkempt front yard gives the impression of an unkempt home. Further more, a poorly maintained yard can block views and sunlight.

Image via Fresh Home

Cost: $400 – $600

Value: $1,500 – $2,000

ROI: 200 – 275%

2) Speaking of curb appeal, paint the exterior.

Sprucing up the exterior of your home is always worth the investment. Invest in a good power-wash and a fresh coat of pain for added value.

Image Via Sabina Vavra

Cost: $1,400

Value: $2,100

ROI: 50%

3) Also give your interiors a bright and clean look with fresh paint.

Fresh paint on the walls is a great start, but don’t forget the baseboards and trim. Use neutral colors and hire a painter to get it done quickly and professionally.

Image Via Mofur

Cost: $900 – $1,000

Value: $2,000

ROI: 100 – 120%

4) Update or replace the flooring.

Whether adding hardwood floors, or cleaning your tile and carpet, updating your flooring can gave your home a significant boost in value.

Image Via LWHD2

Cost: $600 – $900

Value: Up to $2,000

ROI: 110 – 233%

5) Get OCD – organized, clean, and de-cluttered that is.

De-cluttered rooms appear to have more space, which is a big selling point for buyers. For only around $400 you can hire a professional cleaning service to make your entire home shine.

Image Via All Things Organized 

Cost: $400

Value: $2,000

ROI: 400%

6) Light up your house.

Just a couple hundred dollars is enough for some new fixtures to shine a light on your home’s best features.

Lighting: Expensive Interior House Lighting Design: Exalting House Lighting Design 2014

Image Via Toppsite

Cost: $100 – $400

Value: Up to $1,600

ROI: 300%

7) Spruce up that kitchen and bathroom.

Remodeling these two spaces can offer a huge return. Painting cabinetry, replacing countertops, installing new hardware, and updating fixtures are some easy and inexpensive ways to add value. If you have a little more to spend, adding a half bath can up your home’s value by 10% (20% for a full bath).

Image Via Niche Interiors

Cost: $1,900

Value: $3,200

ROI: 68%

8) Take high quality pictures of your home.

With all the hard work and updates you have put into your home, don’t forget to take professional high-resolution images. Homes with listing photos taken professionally with a DSLR camera sells for $3,400 to $11,200 more (relative to the list price).

Image taken by Aubrey Antis Real Estate Photography, Inc.

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