45 Original Ways to Gain More Real Estate Leads

Are you looking for a way to gain more Real Estate leads without draining your bank account? With summer approaching, and the real estate market heating up, you can’t afford to miss out on any opportunity to generate leads. Try out these innovative ideas to build up your pipeline.

45 Original Ways

Remember: marketing yourself as the REALTOR to choose is all about differentiating from the competition. Find a niche that you can dominate, and help others at any opportunity.

  1. Organize a neighborhood safety awareness program.
  2. Connect with carpet cleaners, painters, and contractors. Their customers are often preparing to sell a house.
  3. Host an ice cream social in your farm area.
  4. Buy out ad space on pizza boxes.
  5. Partner with local businesses to create a coupon book for your farm.
  6. Create a Facebook ad to target potential home buyers/sellers.
  7. Get involved at a local church.
  8. Start networking at your hair salon—referrals spread like wildfire at salons.
  9. Join your college alumni association.
  10. Start a LinkedIn group and post original content.
  11. Volunteer at local charity events.
  12. Start a compelling Real Estate blog.
  13. Host a block party.
  14. Hold a raffle among past clients in exchange for referrals.
  15. Help out with college courses/clubs related to real estate.
  16. Call past clients and ask for referrals.
  17. Hold a competition/contest on social media.
  18. Sponsor a local sports team.
  19. Buy breakfast for the local firefighters.
  20. Become a referral hub—house cleaners, landscapers, contractors, etc.
  21. Hold a market update wine and cheese event.
  22. Sit on the board of a local organization.
  23. Establish your business on Google.
  24. Sponsor an animal shelter. Pet-loving home owners will adore this.
  25. Join a local BNI.
  26. Start a Facebook group for businesses and homeowners in your farm.
  27. Look at court records of eviction filings, divorce cases, tax liens, etc.
  28. Use social media scheduling sites like BufferApp to schedule more posts.
  29. Get involved in your child’s PTA.
  30. Throw a BBQ and invite past clients and neighbors.
  31. Give gift cards to the first 20 people to sign up on your email list.
  32. Make friends wherever you go—weddings, birthday parties, jury duty—wherever! Bring business cards.
  33. End your cold calls by asking, “What can I do for you?”
  34. Attend a trade show.
  35. Start a Pinterest account to collect staging ideas, tips for selling your home, and more.
  36. Visit estate sales. These often mean the real estate will soon be available.
  37. Establish a solid relationship with an estate attorney.
  38. Put social media icons on your email signatures so potential clients can connect with you.
  39. Create an infographic at sites such as Piktochart.com with helpful buying/selling information and tips.
  40. Create an Instagram account and post photos of yourself getting involved in the community (and your successful closings of course)!
  41. When going out to a restaurant, sit at the bar. This gives you the opportunity to talk to new people.
  42. Ask open-ended questions that encourage conversation.
  43. Get involved with HOA associations.
  44. Hold garage sales in your farm.
  45. Use LinkedIn Crawling to find more leads.

What are some other ways you creatively generate leads? Let us know in the comments below.

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