How Evergreen Realty, HomeSmart Utilizes the Latest Technology

At Evergreen Realty HomeSmart, your image as a REALTOR® is everything to us. We utilize the latest technology tools to give you the high profile image of a premiere agent.

These tools have been gathered by our team of professionals over the years from the top companies and real estate experts. Using the highest quality real estate marketing and legal compliance, we bring you the most current real estate tools. All of our resources are incredibly simple to utilize, so the technology is literally at your finger tips. With the level of professionalism that you will be able to provide to your clients, it will look like you are supported by a team of personal assistants. When you load your property requirements into our system, it will create a vast array of marketing materials for your listing, including flyers, a listing website, QR codes for your signs and even a Youtube video to help promote your property. You will also get personal website where you can promote your listings, and if you are yet to have your own real estate listings, our system will promote the brokers listings. Thus, you will always look like an active listing agent. There is also an operational side to our program that will audit all of your documents and forms for you and hold them in our system for 5 years. Our professional staff will review all of your documents to ensure nothing is forgotten. We help make the process seamless for you, so you can focus on the relationship with your client instead of stressing about paperwork. If you are looking to join a real estate broker or have questions about how to become a real estate agent, please give us a call and connect with The Top Work Place in Orange County, Evergreen Realty HomeSmart.

Phone: (949) 753-7888


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Join Our Team


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