Taking to Twitter for 22 Networking Tips

Since tomorrow is our Saint Patrick’s Day Luncheon & Networking Event, we have for you 22 tips to maximize your networking experience. Ethos3 took to Twitter to pull networking tips from industry leaders and innovators. Here is what they had to say in 140 characters or less.

REMEMBER: “The opposite of networking is NOT working” -Unknown

1) During conversations, focus on the other person. Learn what makes them tick. Ask, listen, observe. @ChrisBrogan

2) When you first meet someone, use his or her name a few times to create a feeling of familiarity. @CIOonline

3) Don’t immediately send a LinkedIn invite to a new contact. Follow up that night, or the next day. @RealBusiness

4) When networking, inquire about passions, hobbies, and interests instead of asking “Where do you work?” @DaveKerpen

5) Don’t attend networking events with a list of things you want. Arrive with a list of things you can offer. @LearnVest

6) Need a reason to network? “Succeeding in business is all about making connections.” -Richard Branson @EntMagazine

7) Once you’ve made a new contact, ask what method of follow up they prefer: Email, phone, LinkedIn, or other. @USnews

8) Adam Rifkin a respected networker in Silicon Valley suggests: Don’t rush relationships; trust takes time. @Bakadesuyo

9) Ben Franklin’s technique? Request a favor! Before someone will give to you, they must decide they like you. @TheWeek

10) Be excited about networking; it “is a key driver behind higher salaries and career advancement.” @BusinessInsider

11) Want to network like a pro at conferences? Skip some sessions; stand in the hallway and be friendly. @GaryVee

12) Interesting people easily make meaningful connections. Be able to talk about topics other than work. @HuffingtonPost

13) Instead of constantly trying to network with leaders, seek out leadership roles and people will come to you. @CBSnews

14) Ditch the elevator pitch while networking. Network to make authentic connections, not sales. @KristiHedges

15) Put money into an “interesting people fund” to finance enriching networking and social experiences. @ReidHoffman

16) When in doubt, discuss the setting or the event. How? Do your homework about the event, and be observant. @RealSimple

17) “The business-building ‘gold’ is not in collecting business cards but in the solid relationships you build.” @Forbes

18) Offer to help people. “The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.” -Keith Ferrazzi @Ferrazzi

19) “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” @TheRealKiyosaki

20) Amp up your LinkedIn presence. Share content and SlideShare decks, join groups, leverage @mentions, etc. @PameLump

21) Apply to be a speaker at conferences. Networking is easier if everyone at the event knows your name. @Ethos3

22) Guy Kawasaki defines good networking as always thinking “yes.” This is less risky than is sounds. @Heyguey

We hope these tips will inspire you to build closer relationships to skyrocket your success and the success of those around you. Do you have networking tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

For more networking tips, visit http://www.ethos3.com/2014/08/33-networking-tips-in-140-characters-or-less/.


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