SmartSites 2.0 Now Available!

How valuable can digital marketing be to your real estate business?

Having a web presence is a must for all businesses – especially REALTORS®. Research shows that 90% of buyers search online for homes and agents and over half go online as their very first step. While some sellers may use the same agent they have worked with before or get a referral, many others find their listing agent online as well. Real estate-related searches on Google grew 253% from 2008 to 2012!

As an innovative, technology-driven brokerage, HomeSmart has always encouraged our agents to be online with their clients. 100% of HomeSmart agents have websites and an account with YouTube.

As more agents adapt to the new digital landscape of real estate, a simple presence isn’t necessarily enough, so HomeSmart recently enhanced our existing offering with our new SmartSites 2.0, available to all HomeSmart agents – with the support to learn how to use it – for FREE.

Evergreen Realty HomeSmart Agents, make sure to view the Education Tab in your SmartPanel for a comprehensive list of new SmartSites 2.0 How-To Videos.

Here are some of the new or enhanced features redesigned for a better client experience based on industry trends and agent feedback:

Media Center


Videos are not only a very popular feature for online users, they also help your Google ranking. Pages with video are over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. Only 14% of agents use video for their listings. HomeSmart agents can easily create listing videos with SmartTools and SmartSites 2.0′s media center puts those videos – and you – in front of buyers in the format they want to see. As you get comfortable, you can even start to include videos of you discussing real estate topics or videos of client testimonials. The possibilities are endless. The new media center also allows uploading of PDFs and photos. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Enhanced Listings


Your new SmartSites 2.0 website makes displaying your listings easier. Your listings will automatically pull from MLS – no multiple entry – and you can add pocket listings and shared listings. The client experience is improved as well; you can create custom searches for neighborhoods in which you specialize and also can share new tools, like buyer and seller tips, home valuation and mortgage calculators, with your website’s visitors. As buyers keep returning to your site for your listings, tips and the user-friendly IDX, you will quickly become their real estate resource. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Search Engine Optimization


Your website contains valuable information buyers and sellers are looking for and SmartSites 2.0′s new SEO tags help potential clients find you and that information. SEO tags let you customize the title and description of each page as it appears on search engine results as well as add keywords – tags hidden under your live site – to your pages to move them up in search results. The higher your site climbs, the more traffic your site will get and when set up correctly to be specific to your business, SEO increases the quality of your site visitors, which will help increase conversion. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Comparative Market Analysis


The robust Comparative Market Analysis in SmartSites 2.0 allows you to compare the value of a home to other similar homes in the area. You can use it to determine a listing price and support it to your sellers or assist your buyers in determining an offer price. This is, of course, a feature already available to you in MLS, but the simplicity of the step-by-step process and the customizable output of the CMA is truly impressive. SmartSites 2.0 creates a comprehensive and professional report that can be sent directly to your clients as an email, a webpage or a custom PDF. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Customer Relationship Manager


HomeSmart’s CRM is built into SmartSites 2.0 to eliminate the redundancy of having separate systems to manage your contacts and connect with them; SmartSites 2.0 keeps it all together. Your contacts can be organized and searched based on sales, interactions and more. You can import existing contacts, create them within the CRM or export the list. Having direct access to your contacts in the same system that houses your marketing materials is an incredible time saver. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Drip Campaigns

The newly expanded marketing materials section in SmartSites 2.0 creates newsletters, e-cards, flyers and more with just a few clicks. These materials can be used for farming new prospects or creating drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are useful for lead nurturing as well as maintaining contact with past clients and are designed to increase conversion rate. The drip campaigns in SmartSites 2.0 has a set-and-forget style functionality that is perfect for busy agents. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ These new user-friendly features of SmartSites 2.0 put HomeSmart agents ahead of digital real estate trends and are available to our agents for free, along with the support to learn and use them. To find out more about SmartSites 2.0 or becoming a HomeSmart agent, contact Career Services at (602) 889-2145 or click the button below:

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Written by Ashley Bowers, Chief Operating Officer at HomeSmart

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