2011 Awards Banquet Recap

Thank you to all of the agents who attended our 2nd annual awards banquet! We hope you all had a great time seeing each other and enjoying the delicious food. (Thanks, Chronic Tacos! Did I mention that the cheesecake was delicious?!) Let’s not forget the amazing speech given by Randy Rector in honor of Veteran’s Day.

We’d also like to congratulate our top producers! Our top three producers also received a free Nook!

  1. Shevy Akason
  2. Ann Jochim
  3. Tina Yang
  4. Angie Nwanodi
  5. Krystin Tupper
  6. Linda Ing
  7. Adriana Guevara
  8. Zahra Azartash
  9. Patty Lee
  10. Jan Prestella

To view more pictures, visit our album at Facebook.


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