Why An Agent May Stop Working With You

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Recently we had an Ask A Realtor question about what happens when agents choose not to work with particular clients. Realtor® Phyllis Harb of La Canada, CA gives five reasons why an agent may elect to stop working with a client:

Real estate agents are not compensated until the successful close of escrow. And while I wish that more of my clients could find their dream home in just a couple of weeks, it’s just not reality in today’s market. I and my buyer’s agents often work with clients six months or even longer until they find the find the perfect home.

Because it can be such a long term relationship, we both need to like and respect each other; we should enjoy working together. It’s not just buyers who fire their Realtors, sometimes real estate agents fire the buyer. And here are the most common reasons:

1) Buyers who are always at least 15 minutes late to showings. From time to time most of us find ourselves running late to an appointment. Remember that Realtors spend much of each day driving to and from appointments. Clients that are consistently late can disrupt an entire day’s schedule.

2) Buyers who are hot and cold. After a Realtor has shown a buyer a handful of homes, we should have a clear picture of what they are hoping to find. Often we will preview homes for them so as to not waste their time. It’s very difficult to work with buyers who are desperate to buy one week, off market the next and then back to desperate and just repeat the pattern.

3) Buyers who refuse to get prequalified. Often when a buyer least expects it, their dream home comes on the market and they aren’t the only interested buyer which results in multiple offers. It’s very stressful and they will not always be successful in scrambling for a preapproval within a tight time frame.

4) Buyers who are very slow to return phone calls and/or those who aren’t loyal. Your real estate agent is going to spend a lot of time previewing and investigating potential homes for you. Buyers should be prepared to make the same commitment to their Realtor. If your agent phones you about a home, try to return their call as soon as possible. And if you want to work with a variety of Realtors, let your agent know, so that they can focus their time on clients who have decided to work exclusively with them.

5) Buyers who always argue with each other. Years ago, I was referred to a nice couple with two small children. Twice we went to look at homes, the first time there was screaming and tears (I don’t remember why) the second time, she got out of the car and he chased her down the street, I tried to amuse the poor kids in the car. I don’t know if they ever bought a home, but my nerves couldn’t take any more of their arguments.

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