Straightforward Homeselling Advice

Before you put your Orange County Home up for sale, make sure you put it back together.  Over the years, we tend to drift into adaptations of the original intended use for some of the rooms in our homes.  If you want to increase your chances of selling your home as fast as possible for as much as possible, make sure you market your home as cleverly as possible.

The biggest no-brainer gem of practical advice here is (drum roll, please):

Stage your home so that the rooms are all used for what they were intended to be used for.  Here’s a handy check list, just in case you are having some trouble seeing the forest for the trees in your home:

  • The dining room is not an office, a pool hall, or a Tiki Bar.
  • The living room is not a trophy room, craft room, museum or gift shop.
  • The bathroom tub is not a litter box, a clothes line or a storage unit.
  • The kitchen counter is not a wine cellar, an electronic device re-charging station, or a botanical garden.
  • The spare bedroom is not a playground, a storage unit, or a guest cottage.
  • Kitchen-sized refrigerators and microwave ovens NEVER belong in the bedroom.

Remember always, buyers will see what you show them.  If your home doesn’t work for you the way it was designed, you are announcing that it won’t work for anyone else.  Your best shot is to show every room for what it really is.  Even if it means you have to make some significant changes.  You are trying to sell your home, which may be different than making your home comfortable for you.

The article above was featured in the Orange County Register. You may view the original post here:



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