Why Isn’t Your Real Estate Website Getting Leads Anymore?

Check out this great article from: http://www.houseblogger.com


Getting traffic is great, but worthless if you don’t get leads. So I offer you 4 reasons why you are not getting the leads you are used to getting.
Economic-The economy has made viewers picky and less apt to commit to a registration.

Distraction-The social media. Facebook, Twitter, et al. More and more people are spending their free time finding conversations and links at sites like Facebook.

Commodity-The dilution of control of listings inventory. Sites like Trulia, Zillow, and other classified websites have taken over the web. The listings inventory has gone from a Realtor controlled event, to an easily accessed commodity on the web.The only way to decommoditize your business is to let the world know YOU. Not hiding behind a banner. But you.

What are you about and how does that help your prospective client? Most of the way hyperlocality is taught is wrong. Hyperlocality is about your marketplace and how it relates to the local resident’s concerns and desires for their home life and the area surrounding it. Bring your world to your website. Be an advocate for your market.
 You need to explore and demonstrate your Unique Selling Proposition. Not just saying it. But demonstrating it through your publishing of blog posts, articles, social interaction and posts, etc.
What is your most wanted action on your publishing? What do you want them to do?

Other Focuses-What other content can you feed into your web site? APIs, Feeds, Widgets can bring in targeted content that your MLS/IDX does not provide. Your brokerage needs to collaberate and publish as a team. Look at Trulia. It has a clasified listings site that has evolved to include market data as well as market FAQ’s, and blogs. All provided by the Realtor community. As they and other similar Vortals dominate your city searches in the engines. And you haven’t even received a thank you note.
Explore the conversation going on in your prospects mind and enter it. Go after General but also Specific keywords to attract buyers and sellers.Today, the market in most geographies in the country is distressed. The distressed homeseller is looking up phrases like, “how to avoid foreclosure”,  “Il foreclosure laws”, “Loan modification in Peoria, Il”, etc.

View the original article here: http://www.houseblogger.com/houseblogger/real_estate_blogs/


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