QR Codes in Real Estate

QR Code
What is this and why is it important?

QR Codes are gaining a lot of popularity, especially in advertisements. The QR Code contains any information that the creator wishes to give to the end user.
A QR Code is a kind of barcode that is readable by specific barcode readers and/or cameras on smartphones.  It is similar to the barcodes that you see at grocery stores.
This is a QR Code:
QR Code
And this is a grocery store bar code:

Why is this important to you?

You can use QR Codes to:

  • Receive contact information
  • Store that information onto your smartphone
  • Receive information about a product
  • Upload a short SMS message to your friend’s phone
  • Receive a map to a location
  • And many other applications

How Does It Work?

Reading QR Codes 
To read a QR Code on your phone, you must first have a smartphone. 45.5 million people in the US are using smartphones. Anybody under the age of 30 already has a smartphone.

So here’s what you do: You must first upload a QR Reader from your application icon onto your smartphone. There are many to choose from. My suggestion is that you go to the top rated, free QR Reader in your application store. Download that application. Once you have the QR reader in your applications, open the QR Reader and point your phone at the QR Code of your choice. After the QR Reader has read the QR Code, it will follow the code’s direction and take you where the user wants you to go.

1. Business Cards – generate a QR Code that directs to your website, your blog, or even your Facebook Business Page and place that code on the back of your business cards. Make sure the code will take them to a website that holds value and substance. We’ve all had some experience with collecting business cards and never really looking at them again. By having a QR Code on the back of a business card, it makes it easy to save information onto the phone, without having to manually type in the information. If you have to send information to someone’s phone, QR Codes are the way to go.

2. Yard Signs – generate a QR Code for your listings that takes someone to a personal property website, a virtual tour, or even your website with the listing information. This code can be on a rider or on the flyer in the flyer box on the sign. Some real estate agents even purchase a seperate sign, approximately 8″x 8″ or so, to make the QR Code stand out to potential buyers driving by making it easier to scan.

3. Property Flyers – generate a QR Code similar to one that you would put on a yard sign but this time, on a property flyer. I would suggest directing this QR Code to a virtual tour, a map of the property, community or school info, etc. Again, send them to a website that holds value and is worth scanning.

4. Postcards – what a great way to show off that new listing with a QR Code on your Just Listed postcards directing people to see more pictures, a virtual tour, your website, etc. Or even put a QR Code on your farming postcards to direct potential sellers to request a CMA.

Here is an example of a QR Code that I have created. Feel free to scan it and see what kind of information you get:
QR Code
Creating Your QR Code:

There are plenty of online resources that will enable you to generate your QR Code. Some will allow you to list your contact information, while others will allow you post your URLs, addresses, and even maps of specific addresses. Below are two examples of specific QR Code Generators.
Here’s a fun test! You can click the link or test your QR Code knowledge and scan the QR Code with your smartphone to be connected to a QR Code generator.
QR Code
Great! You are now an expert on QR Codes. QR Codes are free to make. If you Google “QR Code Generator” you will find that there are hundreds of thousands of ways to generate them. Go online, make different QR Codes, play with them, and learn all about them.

Important note

There are several different companies that are making QR Codes. It is important to look at the bottom of a QR Code when you see it on any media production to know what type of reader it requires. For example: regular QR Codes are just QR Codes, Microsoft QR Codes are called “Tags” (and they are in color). And AT&T has started to create QR Codes as well. They all require a different reader. If a different reader is required, not to worry. They are all free in your applications on your smartphone.


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